Home FAQ's

Q. How does BidShip ensure that the transporter will be paid for its services?

Upon winning a load or bid the customer or the shipper must pay the full bid amount via BidShip to a secure account nominated by BidShip. Once the goods are delivered in full and the Transporter has confirmed delivery (by providing the BidShip team with the physical proof of delivery) then we release the bid amount (less the BidShip matching fee of 15%) to the Transporter.

Q. How much does the Bidship matching service cost

The Bidship services are free for shippers and transporters - there are no subscription fees for either transporters and shippers. When transporters secure a load or win a bid then they pay a matching fee of 15% of the total bid amount.

Q. What documents are required in order to register as a transporter?

If you are a Transporter then please be sure to submit the following documents to documents@bidship.co.za: Company and VAT Registration Certificates, ID document of Company owner/s, GIT Insurance and BEE Certificate, SARS Letter of Good Standing and your Road Bond Licence (if required).   Further note, as Transporter you are able to create more than 1 user in your Transport account, by adding a "Sub Account" to your existing profile.

Q. How do shippers benefit from using the BidShip offering?

Market research has shown that 30% of trucks that operate on our roads are empty or not fully utilized. BidShip allows shippers to find transporters that primarily have empty legs or empty truck loads and these transporters are normally willing to considerably reduce their transport rate in order to re-position their vehicle for their next load. This also allows you to pay transport prices based on factors of supply and demand rather than pre-agreed transport prices that are not very transparent. You can expect savings of between 30% and 50% off your normal static transport pricing.

Q. What is the purpose of this type of site?

BidShip facilitates matching of parties who require goods to be transported with parties who offer transportation services