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Bidship (Pty) Ltd was founded by Rion Henning in 2015. The idea around Bidship started out in April 2013. Having spent many years in the logistics industry, he realised that transport is very traditional and has not changed much in the last 20 years. He saw the opportunity to design a platform or marketplace which connects shippers and transporters. Essentially offering an auction marketplace where transporters with excess loads or space available on their trucks could offer this up to customers that wants goods shipped.   Although this was the basis on which the Bidship Model was built, the current Bidship has metamorphosised into a versatile catalyst for any company’s transport & logistic challenges.  We specialise in finding solutions for you.

2nd to the Bidship platform and having partnered with service-driven suppliers, Bidship prides itself in tailor-making your transport experience to one that is hassle-free and 1-stop in nature.

Our dedication to quality of service has enabled Bidship to fast track a sound reputation & produce a valuable footprint in SA and our neighbouring countries

We are committed to building excellent relationships with both our National, as well as International customers by priding ourselves on superior service, quality customer care and support.



Developing the future of logistics



Become the marketplace of choice by giving both service providers and customers, value throughout their supply chains



  • Relentless and obsessed about our customer’s needs
  • Have no regard for constraint
  • Have fun and be adventurous
  • Courageous in our pursuit
  • Always put our people first
  • Resilient in the way we learn and grow our business
  • Passionate about everything we do
  • Simplicity in the way we conduct business



Our network of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Local (in-city) Road Freight:
    • Break Bulk / Consol
    • Dedicated Vehicles
  • National (SA) Road Freight:
    • Container Haulage
    • Break Bulk / Consol
    • Dedicated Vehicles
  • Cross Border Road Freight:
    • Container Haulage
    • Break Bulk / Consol
    • Dedicated Vehicles
    • Export Documentation
    • Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing, Dispatch, Distribution, Stock-on-hand Reporting
  • Domestic Air Freight:  Collections & Deliveries
  • Cargo Types: General Cargo, refrigerated goods, alcohol, Dangerous Goods / HAZ, etc.
  • Security Transport Cages available for transport of High Value / End items.
  • In-transit Reporting
  • Cross Border Documentation Processing / Customs Clearances
  • Tailor-made Transport / Logistic Solutions


Company Details

Registration Name:        Bidship (Pty) Ltd

Registration No.:           2015/085355/07

VAT No.:                      4930273547

Address:                      110 Hole in the Wall, 93 Main Road, Somerset West, 7130

Telephone:                   087 822 1540

Director:                       Rion Henning (081 345 3724)

Website:                       www.bidship.co.za


Company Terms and Conditions available on www.bidship.co.za





Rion Henning – Director

Meet the Director – Rion.  Having hand-picked each staff member for their individual talents, Rion leads the team by example.  Under his leadership – he motivates and challenges all to reach new heights daily while maintaining a fun environment yet focused on the daily tasks on-hand.  Rion is our resident Customs and Rail Expert and responsible for all major negotiations and financial control.

  • Financial Management
  • Customs Consultant
  • Rail Consultant
  • Project Negotiations

Rion Henning is our resident mischievous Jack-Of-All-Trades. 

Email:  rion@bidship.co.za

Cell:  081 345 3724



Mandy – Business Development Manager

Meet Mandy.  Mandy has been with Bidship since 2016 inception.  Starting off as admin/sales/operations etc.  She has finally been challenged and moved back into Sales.  Her focus is great customer service and ensures that she keeps our customers happy, while growing new and existing business.

  • New Business Development
  • Customer Relations / Retentions
  • Key- Accounts Manager
  • Sales / Operations Manager
  • Project Initiator

Mandy is affectionately known as Rion’s ‘Day-Oner’ and does not let him forget it!

Email:  mandy@bidship.co.za

Cell:  076 882 9099



Cindy Claassen – Administrator

Meet Cindy. Cindy started with Bidship in March 2019.  She has a strong administrative background and her firm, yet professional manner ensures smooth running of day-to-day office functions.  Cindy is responsible for the daily Admin processes.

  • Invoicing
  • POD receipt and forwarding
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Chep Control

Cindy has a flair for the dramatic and boy can she light up the dance floor!

Email:  cindy@bidship.co.za

Office:  087 822 1540



Josh Irlam – Logistics Controller

Meet Josh! He joined the team in October 2018 with a shy yet diplomatic demeanour.  Today he maintains diplomacy whilst having a firm hand on our warehouse and Zambian loads.  Josh is responsible for all warehouse controlling and outbound Zambian loads, whilst assisting Daniel with some local operations.

  • JNB Warehouse Control
  • Operations – Cross Border: Zambia
  • Operations – SA Local

Josh is our well-travelled, Future Life Boy!

Email:  josh@bidship.co.za

Cell:  084 605 8258



Daniel Lategan – Logistics Controller

Daniel has been with Bidship since, August 2017, when we headed into our 2nd phase of expansion / greatness.  With a firm background in Rigging, Daniel not only mans our operations, he provides the necessary project management support for new projects, such our new project - Warehouse Relocations - implemented in 2019.

  • Project Operations
  • Container Controller
  • Operations – Cross Border
  • Operations – SA Local
  • Warehouse Relocation Logistics

Our pretty-boy Daniel, has an insatiable appetite for all things indulgent!

Email:  daniel@bidship.co.za

Cell: 081 469 9924