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BidShip is a transport facilitation platform where shippers and transporters meet to provide transportation services.

As a shipper you simply list your shipment requirement and then competing transporters bid on your load. The transporters are pre-approved to ensure that they meet the industry standard terms and conditions of carriage which means that you can be rest assured that they are competent at transporting your goods.

Transporters benefit from offering their empty and unutilized truck loads up for auction which in turn provides them with opportunity to generate income on previous "empty legs" of transport. Many smaller transporters also don’t have the sales and marketing reach to gain new business and the BidShip platform provides them with a free-market environment to bid on loads for customers they would not normally have access to.

The immense benefit for Shippers is that instead of paying set transportation prices they now can use a dynamic pricing model which is linked to supply and demand. This results in paying up to 50% less for transport mainly due to transporters offering up their return loads and empty legs for auction.
The BidShip platform is also based on the reverse-auction model which unlike conventional auction drives the price down.


We look forward to facilitating your next delivery.